Destination Vienna


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brings together some of the most outstanding young dancers from around the world and serves as an introduction to an international career.

It is an auspicious occasion on which to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding among its participating candidates and the audience, in the beautiful city of Vienna, the cultural heart of Europe. The Vienna International Ballet Experience is open to professional and amateur dancers, students and performers with and without disabilities. These include dancers with physical disabilities as well as dancers with special educational needs.



Fotos © Markus Hippmann


Christian Kern
© BKA/Andy Wenzel

Alois Stöger
© BMVIT / Johannes Zinner

Mag. Jörg Leichtfried
© BMVIT / Johannes Zinner

Mag. Thomas Drozda
© Peter Rigaud / VBW

Hans Peter Doskozil
© Ricardo Herrgott

Andrä Rupprechter
© Alexander Haiden

Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter
© BMJ / Jungwirth

Bundesministerin Sonja Hammerschmid
© BKA/Andy Wenzel

Sebastian Kurz
© BKA/Andy Wenzel

Sophie Karmasin
© Christian Jungwirth

Landeshauptmann und Bürgermeister
Dr. Michael Häupl
© Stadt Wien/PID, Fotograf Ian Ehm

Vizekanzler und Bundesminister
Dr. Reinhold Mitterlehner
© BKA/Regina Aigner

Dr. Josef Ostermayer
© BKA/Regina Aigner

Mag. Johanna Mikl- Leitner
© BKA/Regina Aigner

Hans Jörg Schelling
© BKA/Andy Wenzel

Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek
© BKA/Andy Wenzel

Sebastian Kurz
© BKA/Andy Wenzel

Landeshauptmann und Bürgermeister
Dr.Michael Häupl
© BKA/Regina Aigner

Fotos © Max Spitzauer





Board Member
Culture Concepts



Kurt Fuckenrieder

Stage Manager


The jury, consisting of internationally recognized dance masters, directors and choreographers who are invited by the Organizing Committee, is in charge of the selection and evaluation system of the competition and the workshops.Competitors will be judged by their technical skills and, most important of all, artistry!

The scoring will be based on a 60 point system.
In the final round a minimum average of 31 points is required for a third place, an average of 41 points for a second and an average of 51 points for a first place.

In addition the following cash prizes will be offered:

- Best future talent (500€)
- Best choreography and innovation (500€)
- „Feurich" prize for best musicality (500€)
- Outstanding Performance Grand Prix (2.000€)

Prize winners and pieces specially chosen by the jury by their unique merit will perform at the final gala at the „Wiener Volkstheater“.

The WORKSHOPS are considered a major part of the Vienna International Ballet Experience and are open to competing and non-competing participants. They offer the young artists the possibility to be seen and work with jury members and guest teachers, learn from each other and meet performers from all around the world regardless of their origin or abilities.



Van Cauwenbergh






Sascha Khan

Roberto Altamura

Artistic Director Milano City Ballet School

Robert Parker

Artistic Director Elmhurst Ballet School

Jozef Dolinsky

Artistic Director Slovakian National Ballet

Dawn Weller

Artistic Director The Graduate College of Dance

Kerry Nicholls

Artistic Director Kerry Nichols Dance

János Kiss

Artistic Director Györ Ballet

Richard Bowman

International guest teacher and coach

Additional Guest Teachers 2017


Melissa Hinz

VIBE USA winner 2017

Wei-Ken LIAO


Alina Ciceo /
Radu Domsa

VIBE winner 2016
Contemporary Pas de Deux

Christian Tichy


Milan Hatala


Judith-Elisa Kaufmann


Fotos © Max Spitzauer


  • All amateurs, students and professionals, with or without disabilities, of all nationalities are eligible to compete in the competition and/ or participate in the workshops.
  • Participants may enter the competition as a Solo, Pas de Deux, Group (up to 7 dancers) or Ensemble (8 or more dancers) in the Open (A), Ballet (B), Contemporary (C), Dance Special (D) and Para Dance (E) category.
  • Contestants will be devided into Amateurs (a dancer who trains 3 times a week or less) and Professionals (a dancer who trains more than 3 times a week).
    This does not apply to participants in the "Mini", "Dance Special" and "Para Dance" categories.
  • Participants will compete in the following age categories:
    • Mini: up to age 9
    • Children: 9 - 11
    • Junior I: 12 - 14
    • Junior II: 15 - 18
    • Senior: 19 plus

    VIBE reserves the right to designate the correct category of the participants’ entry.
  • Participants in the Mini, Children, Amateur, Open, Dance Special and Paradance category are expected to perform ONE variation, pas de deux, group or ensemble piece.
  • Participants in the Junior I, Junior II and Senior Ballet Professional category need to prepare ONE classical and ONE neoclassical OR contemporary piece when entering as a SOLO or PAS DE DEUX competitor, both to be performed in the first round of the competition or ONE group /ensemble piece. (As participants are judged individually it is possible to combine the solo and pas de deux categories!)
  • Participants in the Junior I, Junior II and Senior Contemporary Professional category need to prepare TWO diverse pieces when entering as a SOLO or PAS DE DEUX competitor, both to be performed in the first round of the competition or ONE group /ensemble piece. (As participants are judged individually it is possible to combine the solo and pas de deux categories!)


Classical Ballet: choreographed in the style of 18th & 19th century

Neoclassical Ballet: original choreography or most creations of the late 20th century. A choreography in the style of W. Forsythe, J. Kylian, H. van Manen,... would be considered neoclassical for example.

Contemporary: no classical ballet technique allowed.

Open Category: any style of dance is allowed except for classical/ neoclassical ballet and contemporary.

„Dance Special“: all dance styles for dancers with special educational needs allowed

„Para Dance“: all dance styles for dancers with disabilities allowed

It is of high importance that the choreography is suited to the contestants age and capability! New choreographic creations for VIBE by teachers, coaches, friends, idols or the participant himself are very much appreciated!

You may submit or perform any variations or repertory fulfilling VIBE’s terms of rule but you must reserve all rights to the choreography for your performance!

  • All solos may not exceed 2:30 min.
  • All Group/ Ensemble dances may not exceed 4:00 min.
  • Classical Pas de Deux as dictated by the established choreography and music.
  • Neoclassical/ Contemporary Pas de Deux may not exceed 4:00 min.
Fotos © Maria & Richard Kirchner


Minis and children (all categories): 35€ (no workshops included)

Amateur Junior I, II and Senior category : 95€

Open Professional Junior I, II and Senior category: 95€

Ballet/ Contemporary Professional Junior I, II and Senior category: 145€

Dance Special: 115€

Para Dance: 115€

Group category: 75€ per person (Minis and Children 35€ p.p.)

Ensemble category: 55€ per person (Minis and Children 35€ p.p.)

Non competing „Workshop only“ participants: 25€ per workshop

The fee is all inclusive for one competition entry (one or two variations/ Pas de Deux depending on your category) and all the workshops offered by VIBE!

For each additional competition entry a fee of 25€ and a separate registration form are required.

For participants competing in more than one category the fee will be charged in the following order: solo/ pas de deux before group before ensemble.

Participants who wish to compete in more than one category only have to prepare one instead of two variations in the additional category!

Your acceptance into the competition is based on the audition video you submit. This video has to show the participant clearly visible in class, rehearsal or on stage and must not be older than one year.

If you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation email with further information on your payment and registration instructions. If you don’t receive an answer within one week please contact us (

VIBE has the right to refuse any application at its discretion.

The registration fees do not contain insurance for the participants. VIBE assumes no liability for a dancers participation during the festival duration.

VIBE reserves the right to use any photo or video recording of participants’ performances during the competition for promotional / business purposes.

For non competing “Workshop only” participants a detailed workshop schedule and fees will be available ONE month prior to VIBE and an online registration will be open.

There are no refunds and no exceptions.

Registration will end MARCH 15th 2017!


Audition Registration Form for Competitors

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5. Personal Details

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Thank you for your registration.


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